Software Engineering and Knowledge Discovery are two developing areas in the Information technology. These two fields are interrelated and have important roles in business, education, health, government, and society. Even though, these fields are considered quite mature, research in these areas are yet evolving with the objective of providing better performance of offered services.

Software Engineering is concerned with developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably and efficiently, and satisfy all the requirements that customers have defined for them. It is important because of the impact of large, expensive software systems and the role of software in safety-critical applications. It integrates significant mathematics, computer science and practices whose origins are in engineering.

Knowledge Discovery is an interdisciplinary area that focuses on methodologies for identifying novel, valid, useful and meaningful patterns from data. Knowledge Discovery also includes the evaluation of patterns and identification of which add to knowledge. 

Two tracks of submissions are solicited: Software Engineering:

  • ·  Software Lifecycle 
  • ·  Software Management 
  • ·  Software Engineering Process 
  • ·  Software Engineering Tools 
  • ·  Software Analysis and Design Methods 
  • ·  Software Quality Assurances 
  • ·  Open Source Software 
  • ·  Software Measurement 
  • ·  Requirements Engineering 
  • ·  Agile Methodology 
  • ·  Extreme Programming 
  • ·  Empirical Software Engineering 
  • ·  Software Engineering Education 

Session Organizer: Dr. Mamdouh Alenezi, Prince Sultan University, Saudi Arabia 

 Submission Guidelines

Poster Submission

Please follow the following steps if you would like to select a Poster Communication: 

1. Use the IEEE template to write a summary paper of only 1 page of research work (Abstract, and 5 to 8 references).

2. Here is the link of IEEE template in Word format

3. Upload the summary paper (1 page) through the EasyChair Software. 

4. You will pay Euro 35 for each extra page of the poster paper

5. You need to prepare any poster format. The suggested Posters of size A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm), or posters printed on 36" (91.4 cm) wide paper will fit.

6. Please bring the poster with you when you come to the conference venue.


Paper Submission

The submission process includes:

  • register your paper, with abstract. Registration is mandatory.
  • submit your paper (PDF only) by 11:59:59 PM EST, 15 May, 2016. (HARD deadline) 
  • Here is the link of IEEE template.


Submission Guidelines

Before the submission, you are expected to make sure that your paper complies with the format requirements (number of pages, font size and spacing, margins). After the submission, we will use an offline tool to help us identify non-conforming papers, and will manually re-check and possibly reject those with evident format violations. No paper will be rejected due to format violations without being hand checked first.

Meet Our Speakers
Prof. Chief editor of International Journal of Informatics Technology
Assistant Professor in Department of Economics, MEF University, Istanbul
Distinguished ACM Speaker, Open University of Japan, Japan
Head of department (l. gumilev eurasian national university)



All submitted papers will be under peer review and accepted papers will be published in the conference proceeding. The abstracts will be indexed and available at major academic databases.

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  • IEEE Morocco Section
  • Ibn Zoher University
  • EU Senior Expert
  • Special session on the social network mining and analysis
  • MICS
  • Special Session on Methods and Applications of Interval Analysis, Dr. Hassene Bedoui, Laboratoire de recherche en automatique, traitement de signal et d’image, ENIM, Tunisia  Special Session on Control and Fault Diagnosis methods applied to nonlinear systems
  • Arabic Natural Language Processing
  • Theory and practice of reasoning under uncertainty
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